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India is home to some of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Kovalam beach is among the host of tourist destinations in India that have caused sensation across the tourist world. Kaiden tours have succeeded in encapsulating the true essence of the beautiful tourist destination with its Kovalam tour packages. Kovalam as a tourist destination boast of a long tradition attracting thousands of tourists to Trivandrum. Renowned for its serene environment replete characterized by rising waves and historic architectures in the vicinity, Kovalam tour packages is without a shadow of doubt your ticket to dream get away.
If the infinite tranquility enveloping the beach sends travelers into a state of trance, luxurious restaurants and cultural ethos in the place will deliver them a transcendental experience all together. No other travel package in the world is capable of fulfilling your expectations about Kovalam experience in the same manner as Kovalam tour packages. Your typical trip to the capital district of Kerala involves multiple experiences. Hence it will not be fair if one were to attribute the soaring popularity of Kovalam tour packages to Kovalam beach alone. Rather Kovalam as a tourist destination forms an integral part of an all encompassing tourism package provided by Kaiden tour.
Located just 16 kilometers away from central Trivandrum, once can perhaps say that close enough to experience the city life and long enough to escape from the hustle and bustle of the mundane city life. Among the many attractions in the Kovalam tour packages is the spectacular sight of vast expanse of coconut trees. The beach is renowned for light house beach located in the Kurmkal hillock. It is one of the most visited spots by visitors to Kovalam. Tourists are also treated with the rejuvenating sight of the fishermen setting out to sea. Travelers can choose from a multitude of tourist resorts in Trivandrum. Vizhinjam is large sea port which is home fishermen communities, historic temples and diverse types of fish and many cultural heritages.
Kovalam became the subject of worldwide attention during the hippy era as the beach witnessed endless influx of tourists from all over the globe. The Kovalam tourist packages provided by kaiden tours have also become popular for offering diverse range of beach resorts in the close vicinity of Kovalam beach. Since the city is less than an hour away from beach travelers are able to get prompt access to various facilities in city such as Ayurvedic and alternative medical treatment and shopping malls.

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